Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I`m moving

I`m moving!!. Not me, this time it`s my blog.

1) Where am I going?
you can now find me at -------> www.thepuzzlesoflife.blogspot.com

2) Why the sudden change?
Well, it`s not really sudden. I have been using keen1987 for almost any and everything since age 10. That`s 12 years ago!!!!! There are many reasons that prompt this change. Among the factors are:

a) keen1987 reveals my age and I don't want that. lol
b) I want an address that reflects the blog`s name... and I kinda like puzzles of life.
c) it`s the new year.. so the timing is just perfect for changes.

3) What happen to those who can`t find you blog?
Then those are the people that does not matter to begin with. From the start, this blog had been quite personal and are meant to be private. But since there are friends who genuinely wants to keep updated, this is their only medium and I`m more than happy to share my life with them.

4) What will happen to your blog traffic?
Traffic? what traffic. lol. There are only a few occasions where my daily hits reach 3 figure. Most of the time, it`s in between 20-40 which doesn`t really much economic differences in terms of ads. I can live with having few sens less a day.

So yea. Life is a puzzle.... and a new piece has just been laid down. :)